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The zCush Baby Nap Mat is a lightweight, cushiony mat designed to place a newborn for comfort & security. Soft, cute, and with removable covers, a side zipper lets you easily place your baby in and out, and everything is 100% machine-washable.Perfect for Baby Shower Gifts, Christening Ceremonies, Social visits, Outdoor picnics, Naptime or Playtime.

What is the zCush Baby Nap Mat? It is a lightweight mat designed to place and hold a newborn for greater comfort and support. Soft, cute, and removable covers allow you to mix and match the mat with your baby’s accessories. And a side zipper lets you easily place your baby in and out. Everything is 100% machine-washable.

How Can I use the zCush Baby Nap Mat? We recommend five basic uses of the zCush Baby Nap Mat: For baby’s Naptime of course, holding and safely passing your baby to show her off, playing with him in the comfort of your home or on a picnic blanket, cosily feeding her on the sofa or the park bench, and easily changing his nappy during daytime or in the middle of the night.

Are you a new parent? Do your hands tremble at the thought of holding your newborn without any support? Do you wonder how to let your excited older child hold her new sibling? Take a sigh of relief! The zCush Baby Nap Mat lets your entire family enjoy the warmth of your newborn without anyone breaking a sweat. And it is lightweight, yet firm, so your baby can safely bond with her new best friend.

Are you tired of lugging around heavy baby items every time you leave your home? The zCush Baby Nap Mat easily rolls up into a bag so it can travel with your baby as she makes her social calls. And it turns any surface into a firm yet comfortable area for all her tender activities.

Trying to figure out the best position for feeding your baby so your arm doesn’t fall asleep? Settle down and let the zCush Baby Nap Mat help you cuddle your newborn so both of you can be cosy. Visiting friends and frantically searching for a place to quickly change your baby’s nappy? The zCush Baby Nap Mat is versatile and comfortable so you can use it under your changing pad.


  • Always position baby on his/her back when using the Nap Mat.
  • Keep the Nap Mat horizontal at all times when carrying infant. Never use the Baby Nap Mat in an inclined or vertical position.
  • Never leave baby unattended. Adult supervision required at all times.
  • Keep blankets and muslins away from baby’s face to avoid risk of suffocation.


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